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Oceanic gateways: modern and ancient analogues and their conceptual and economic implications

23 - 25 November 2022
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Event type:
Conference, Hybrid, Specialist Group
Organised by:
Geological Society Events, Energy Group
Hybrid In person at Burlington House and Virtual via Zoom
Event status:
Abstract Deadline 22 August 2022

Ocean basins are connected by gateways which represent relatively narrow passages of varying depth that control surface, intermediate or deep-water which in turn affects the distribution of deep-water strata, including various elements in existing and potential deep-water hydrocarbon systems.

In the geological past, paleogateways prevailed over dramatically different paleocirculation and marine basin dynamics (e.g., Indian Gateway, Indonesian Gateway, Central American Seaway, Betic and Rifean corridors). The opening, deepening and evolution of gateways and paleogateways strongly influences the tectono-stratigraphic and sedimentary evolution of basins, global ocean circulation, poleward temperature gradients, polar climate, exchange and vertical structure of water masses, sedimentary processes, distribution of biota, evolution/extinction events and hydrocarbon source rock and reservoir distribution.

This three-day conference aims to bring together diverse experts working on modern and ancient gateways in order to improve our knowledge, models, and predictive power. Sessions will include the following themes:

  • Oceanographic / palaeoceanographic processes
  • Tectonic controls on gateway geometry
  • Sedimentary processes and deposits within and around gateways
  • Data integration and multidisciplinary analysis
  • Implications of gateways and contourite deposits on geosciences applied to energy transition (C02 sequestration and hydrocarbon exploration)

We invite oceanographers, palaeoceanographers, geomorphologists, sedimentologists and marine geologists, as well as geologists and researchers working in the broad energy sector, numerical modelling and plate tectonic reconstructions, to join the conference.

It is planned to have a specific session in this conference about the implications of gateways and contourite deposits for Energy Geosciences.

It is intended to have a specific “round table” about “Oceanic gateways and contourite deposits on geosciences applied to energy” (Chaired by Adriano R. Viana, Petrobras & Cindy Yeilding, Ex-BP)

The congress will include specific sessions as:

  • Gateways in Polar regions” chaired by Lara Perez (GEUS); Kelly A. (BAS); Hogan; Dimitrios Evangelinos (Univ. Barcelona) and Fernando Bohoyo (IGME).
  • Tidal signature in modern and ancient gateways” chaired by Longhitano, S. G. (Univ. Basilicata, Italy) et al.

 Call for Abstracts:

Please submit talk or poster abstract to by 22 August 2022. Please check the abstract guidelines. 


F. Javier Hernández-Molina (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Rachel Flecker (University of Bristol)

Domenico Chiarella (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Anna Wåhlin (University Gothenburg)

Eleanor Stirling (BP)

Francois Raisson (TOTAL Energies)

Giancarlo Davoli (Eni SpA)

Juan Fedele (ExxonMobile)

Karyna Rodriguez (Searcher)

John Howell (University of Aberdeen) 


A. Naveira-Garabato, NOCS

R. Sanchez-Leal, IEO

A. Bahr, Heidelberg University

C.R. Scotese, University of Texas

H. Hüneke, University of Greifswald

F.J. Rodriguez-Tovar, University of Granada

C. Escutia, IACT-CSIC

Philip Thompson, Shell

Event sponsors