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Science Council Declaration on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Science Council and its member bodies will create greater opportunity for all individuals to fulfil their scientific potential, irrespective of their background or circumstances. We aim to do this by challenging inequities and creating more inclusive practices in our organisations. In so doing it will help science to better serve society by attracting and retaining the widest possible talent to the science workforce and fostering a greater diversity of scientific ideas, research, and technology.

The Science Council is committed to widening participation in science, education, and the workplace. To this end the Science Council and its member bodies commit to challenging inequities, removing barriers when identified and work towards equitable systems and processes which lead to better outcomes for all who work, and aspire to work, in the scientific professions. This will require leadership from the Science Council and its member bodies. As a leading voice in science and the application of science, the Science Council will therefore seek every opportunity to be proactive in communicating this vision to educators, employers, policy makers, opinion formers and the public.

We, the Geological Society of London, a member body of the Science Council, will proactively create a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion within our discipline by:

i. Appointing a board level diversity champion who, in partnership with the senior executive staff member in our organisation, will advocate the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion, and be accountable for improving practice and communicating our EDI strategies to our staff, membership and other stakeholders.

ii. Planning and implementing a programme of work to embed the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion into our current organisational policies, practices, and behaviours, and enhance the equality of opportunity in our activities as an employer and professional body.

iii. Measuring, assessing, and reflecting on our progress, reporting on our activities annually to our staff and members

iv. Sharing progress and learning with the Science Council and supporting the collective progress of Science Council member bodies through joint learning and sharing good practice.

For its part, the Science Council will provide leadership by committing itself to these undertakings as an employer and exemplar to its members. It will provide resource to actively support its member bodies in the delivery of these aims by providing advice; facilitating collaboration and the sharing of good practice; and communicating its members’ collective commitment to the value of equity, diversity, and inclusion for science and for society.

You can find the signed declaration between the Science Council and the Geological Society below. Simply click on the image to view the document in full size.

image of signed edi declaration by science council and geological society


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