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Chartership Committee

The Chartership Committee reports to the Professional Committee.


To promote professional excellence and ethical standards in the Earth Sciences for the public good. These aims are achieved through:
  • defining, maintaining and developing high professional standards for Geoscientists
  • promoting career development for Geoscientists

Terms of reference

  • the establishment and validation of criteria for election to Chartership
  • the establishment and maintenance of procedures to examine and affirm the standing of Fellows in the profession and practice of geology for the purpose of validation as Chartered Geologists
  • to ensure that the application, validation and election process for Chartered Geologists and Chartered Scientists is carried out in accordance with regulations R/FP2 Criteria and Procedure for Validation as a Chartered Geologist and R/FP/11 Criteria and Procedure for Validation as a Chartered Scientist
  • to collect and maintain KPI data, and to maintain documentation sufficient to allow an annual audit
  • to ratify attainment of chartership for those seeking election by the European Federation of Geologists to become European Geologists
  • to have an over-view of the Society’s involvement of chartered members of the Society in a ground engineering specialism seeking election to the UK Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (UKRoGEP) and to audit UKRoGEP assessments in collaboration with the standards panels of ICE and IOM3.


The Chartership Committee (CC) is a subcommittee of the Professional Standing Committee (PSC). The Chair of the CC will be a member of the PSC, and will also be a member of Council and a Vice President of the Society. A Deputy Chair will be elected from the CC membership who will also serve on the PSC. The Chair, through the CC, will be responsible for discharging the responsibilities set out in these Terms of Reference, and any tasks passed to the committee by the PSC. The work of the CC will be supported by the Fellowship Office and by the Chartership Officer (CO) who will attend meetings of the CC and PSC. The secretariat will be provided by the Administrative Fellowship Secretary supported by the Fellowship Services Manager who will both attend meetings of the CC.

The CC will consist of 16 - 20 Chartered Fellows representative of the geological profession to include a senior Chartered Fellow nominated by the Hong Kong Regional Group and at least one Chartered Scientist.

The CC will appoint a supplementary pool of senior Chartered Fellows available to act as a Chartership Review Panel (CRP) to act as Reviewers for chartership applications that have been recommended for Deferral by chartership scrutineers. The CRP will comprise some 25-30 senior Chartered Fellows who are also active chartership scrutineers and when a review is needed 2 members of this Panel, with the appropriate expertise, will be asked to conduct the review and to report to the CC through the CO. Guidance on the complement of the CRP will be provided by the CO.

Membership of the CC will normally be for a term of five years, which will be reviewed annually nominally in March. Vacancies on the CC will be preferentially filled by members of the CRP.

Method of working

The CC will meet at least five times annually immediately prior to meetings of the PSC. Four meetings will be run as morning web conferences allowing virtual attendance by those who are unable to attend in person. The fifth will comprise an annual face to face meeting (with web conferencing if required) in May or June that will also comprise a pre audit meeting at which time all Chartership documents would undergo an annual review and any audit preparation actions will be targeted.  

Committee Members


  • Mr John Talbot (VP, Chartership)

Other Members

  • Mr Eddie Bailey 
  • Mr Chris Cox
  • Mr Chris Eccles
  • Mr Stuart Millis
  • Miss Helen Nattrass
  • Mr Mike Rogers
  • Mr Gordon Taylor
  • Dr Peter Brabham
  • Dr Jason Canning
  • Mr Alex Carbray
  • Dr Harriet Carlyle
  • Mr David Earle
  • Mr Craig Hampton
  • Mr Simon Holt
  • Mrs Sally-Ann Hudson
  • Mr Michael McCullough
  • Mr Abhenderan Pather
  • Mrs Pamela Rigby
  • Prof Laurence Robb
  • Ms Glenys Rugman
  • Mr John Talbot

In Attendance

  • Dr Bill Gaskarth (Chartership Officer)


  • Ms Janine Benn (Fellowship Services Secretary)
  • Mr Mohammed Jahangir (Fellowship Services Manager)