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Obituaries - U & V

To obtain a copy of an obituary, please contact the LibraryCharges apply and payment will be required in advance from non-Fellows. Copies of obituaries published in the Society's Quarterly journal may alternatively be purchased online via the Lyell Collection (usually found in the 'Proceedings' section as part of the Anniversary Address of the President), or for those published prior to 1923 they may be found online courtesy of the Biodiversity Library.

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A list of abbreviations for the published source of the obituaries may be found here.


Udall, John 1921 QJ 77
Ulrich, Edward Oscar 1944 QJ 100
Ulrich, George Henry Frederick 1901 QJ 57
Ure, Dr Andrew 1857 QJ 13
Ussher, William Augustus Edmond 1921 QJ 77
Uttley, George Harry 1961 Proc 1592


Vallance, Thomas George 1993 Ann. rept.
Valpy, Robert Harris 1905 QJ 61
Van den Broeck, Ernest 1933 QJ 89
Van der Gracht, Dr Willem Anton Joseph Maria van Waterschoot 1947 QJ 103
Van der Merwe, Roelof 2016 Geosci 27(4) (2017)
Van Hise, Charles Richard 1919 QJ 75
Van Straaten, Lambertus Marius Joannes Ursinus (Bert) 2004 Ann. rept.
Van Straelen, Victor-Emile 1964 Proc 1618
Vander Hoof, Vertress Lawrence 1964 Proc 1618
Vandercom / Vandercomb, Joseph Fitzwilliam 1852 QJ 8
Varnes, David Joseph 2003 Ann. rept.
Vaughan, Arthur 1916 QJ 72
Vaughan, Peter Rolfe 2008 Ann. rept.
Vaughan, Thomas Wayland 1951 QJ 107
Vauquelin, M. (note) 1833 Proc 1(15)
Veatch, Arthur Clifford 1939 QJ 95
Veevers, John James 2018 Geosci 29(4) (2019)
Venables, Edmond Martin 1991 Ann. rept.
Verbeek, Rogier Diederik Marius 1927 QJ 83
Verneuil, Philippe-Edouard Poulletier de 1874 QJ 30
Vicary, William 1904 QJ 60
Vigors, Nicholas Aylmer MP 1841 Proc 3(81)
Vilanova y Piera, Juan 1894 QJ 50
Vincent, Ewart Albert (David) 2012 Geosci 24(8) (2014)
Vlasov, Kuz'ma Alekseevich 1965 Proc 1628
Vogt, Thorolf 1959 Proc 1572
Voltz, Philippe-Louis 1841 Proc 3(81)