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Conference: Holocene Climate Change

22 March 2013

During the Holocene – the last 11,700 years – our planet has undergone many climate fluctuations, from the warm, wet conditions of the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods, to the Little Ice Age. Since around 1970 we have been experiencing another period of warming. Can a more detailed understanding of past climate changes help us to answer current questions?

Recent improvements in physical- and chemo-stratigraphy and modelling are allowing us to examine the effects of natural cycles and greenhouse gases in much more detail. This meeting will address some of the questions we have about past climate changes during the Holocene epoch. To what extent were they global rather than regional? What drove them? What produces the roughly periodic changes at intervals of around 1500 years we see in marine records and speleotherms?

The meeting is divided into sessions on ocean change, sea level variability, terrestrial change, ice core change, the modelling of any or all of these, and the interaction between climate and humans. Keynote speakers include Paul Valdes (University of Bristol), Ulysses Ninnemann (University of Bergen), Anthony Long (Durham University) and Graeme Barker (University of Cambridge).

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