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Geological Society partners with BBC Learning’s Terrific Scientific Project

4 January 2017

The Geological Society is delighted to be a partner organisation for BBC Learning’s ‘Terrific Scientific’ project. Organised in partnership with Wellcome, Terrific Scientific is a major 18 month UK-wide campaign to bring practical science into the classroom and into our homes.

With fewer than 15% of 10-14 year olds expressing an aspiration to become a scientist, the project is designed to break down the traditional confines of science, exposing children to the concept that science is all around us. It is designed to work alongside the science curricula for 9-11 year olds across the UK.

The project is focused on a series of investigations on a variety of topics – beginning with ‘Taste’ in January 2017. Each investigation will be linked to a wide range of supporting materials, including live lessons, bespoke films and boxes of materials to help with carrying out the investigations. The Geological Society will be providing online resources to support the second investigation, ‘Water’, due to launch on 6 February, with a series of fact sheets on water hardness, groundwater and water resources.

‘We’re really pleased to be part of such an engaging and important project’ says Geological Society Director of Policy and Communications, Nic Bilham. ‘2016 was the Geological Society’s Year of Water, highlighting how important the interaction between water and geology is to our planet, so it’s great to see water featured as part of Terrific Scientific.’ 

The factsheets are available in two versions – for Primary School students aged 9-11, and for teachers, older students and others. For more information about how we’re working with BBC Learning, or to download the factsheets, visit our website. For further information about the Terrific Scientific project, visit