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Society announces initiative to support early career geoscientists to gain peer review skills

23 September 2020

From 2021, the Geological Society of London will support a process known as co-reviewing across its portfolio of journals and books. This type of peer review involves allowing a reviewer to formally involve a colleague in the review of a book or article, and is often an opportunity for junior or early career researchers to gain experience and training with peer review. Both reviewers will receive an acknowledgement for their work, as well as the opportunity to gain credit for their review on the Publons platform.

By making co-reviewing a formal option, GSL will enable both mentor and mentee peer reviewers to receive appropriate credit, editorial and staff support, and the resources to ensure that all peer reviewers meet the Society’s ethical policies.

Notes for editors

  1. The Geological Society of London is the UK national society for geosciences with over 12,000 members. It is a global leader in Earth science publishing, dedicated to providing a high-quality service. The Lyell Collection comprises journals and key book series (including Special Publications and Memoirs) and offers over 280,000 peer-reviewed pages, 28,000 articles and 1,000 volumes in the geosciences.
  2. GSL will provide support before and during the peer review process through guidelines for reviewers and editors (on how to handle co-reviews), a workflow in publications’ editorial office system, and support from GSL Publishing House staff.
  3. All peer reviewers for GSL publications are expected to adhere to the Society’s ethical policies, including respecting the confidentiality of peer review.
  4. Publons is a free-to-use metric-tracking service for authors and reviewers. GSL entered into a partnership with Publons in 2018.