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Aberconway Medal

Aberconway MedalThe Aberconway Medal was established by a donation from English China Clays International Ltd and its chair Charles Melville McLaren (1913–2003), 3rd Baron Aberconway, for the Institution of Geologists in 1980. The Medal has continued to be awarded after the IG’s reunification with the Society in 1991.

It will be awarded biennially to persons with no more than 25 years' full-time equivalent experience. The award recognises distinction in the practice of applied or economic geoscience with special reference to work in industry.

Past winners

2023 Andrew Hart
2021 Caroline E Gill
2019 Andrea Cozzi
2018 Charlotte Adams
2015 Stuart Archer
2013 Peter Burgess
2011 Rebecca Lunn
2008 Richard Davies
2006 Robert Edmund Holdsworth
2004 Jeremy Raymond Alan Giles
2002 Andrew Stewart Mackenzie
2000 Jonathan Gordon Gluyas
1998 David Savage 
1996 Richard Jon Hubbard
1994 Malcolm Butler
1992 Stephen Henley
1991 Richard Christopher Lane Wilson
1990 John William Lloyd
1989 John Lawrence Knill
1988 Richard Anthony Fox
1987 Frederick Charles Brassington
1986 Kingsley Charles Dunham
1985 Douglas Bassett
1984 Robert Henry Cummings
1983 Wallace Spencer Pitcher
1982 David Burton
1981 Peter Dominie Gaffney
1980 Daniel Clark Ion