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The Major John Sacheverell A'Deane Coke and Major Edward D'Ewes Fitzgerald Coke Medals

J Coke Medal  E Coke Medal

These Awards will be made to geoscientists for their contributions to science, as is the case with the Lyell, Murchison and William Smith Medals, in addition to significant service to geoscience, for example through administrative, organisational or promotional activities resulting in benefits to the community.

The awards may be made to scientists whose training and interests are outside the main fields of geoscience, but whose contributions are of great significance to our science. These two medals are named in honour of Lieutenant Colonel Basil Elmsley Coke's (1884–1970) cousin's two sons, who both died at the Battle of Arnhem in 1944. John Coke was captured by German forces, then shot while attempting to escape, and his brother Edward was killed shortly afterwards while leading part of the British relief force.

In 1965, Lieutenant Colonel Coke, who was a Fellow of the Society, established an endowment fund for his daughter with the instruction that after her death the Geological Society was to become the beneficiary, which happened in 1982. This bequest led to the establishment of the two medals.

Past winners

2024 Iain Stewart
2023 Jenni Barclay and Steve Etches
2022 Alison Monaghan and Natasha Dowey
2021 Christopher Jackson and Helen Reeves
2020 Richard Davies and Lisa McNeill
2019 Richard Law and Bramley Murton
2018 Robert Holdsworth and David Shilston
2017 Mark Anderson and Ian Fairchild
2016 Patience Cowie 
2016 Monica Grady 
2015 Sarah Davies
2015 Rory Mortimore
2014 Jane Francis
2014 Christine Peirce
2013 Robert Thomas
2013 Ian Sims
2012 Robin Strachan
2012 Richard John Aldridge
2011 Jon Paul Davidson
2011 Christopher Stringer
2010 Richard Curtis Selley
2010 Euan Neilson Kerr Clarkson
2009 Jane Plant
2009 Bruce Yardley
2008 Nigel Woodcock 
2008 James Rose
2007 Peter Maguire
2007 John William Murray
2006 Michael Bassett
2006 Marjorie Wilson
2005 Michael Brown
2005 David Gwyn Roberts
2004 Haraldur Sigurdsson
2004 Antony Fallick
2003 Michael Bickle
2003 Joseph Lowe
2002 John Christopher Wolverson Cope
2001 Harold Garnar Reading
2000 Colin McClellan Graham
1999 Frederic Gladstone Bell
1998 Anthony Mansell Spencer
1998 Anthony John Reedman
1997 Peter John Cook
1997 Michael John Le Bas
1996 Robert Benjamin Kidd
1996 Christopher John Hawkesworth
1995 Robin (Leonard Robert Morrison) Cocks
1995 Gerard Viner Middleton
1994 Maurice Edwin Tucker
1994 Gerald Joseph Home McCall
1993 Peter Westbroek
1993 Derek John Blundell
1992 Hugh Crawford Jenkyns
1992 E-An Zen
1991 David Anthony Lawson Jenkins
1991 Charles Hepworth Holland
1990 Richard Christopher Lane Wilson
1990 Alec James Smith
1989 Raymond A Price
1989 (Edward) Howel Francis
1988 Robert Stoneley
1988 Frederick Weir Dunning
1987 Niels Henriksen
1987 David Nixon Holt
1986 Kenneth William Glennie
1986 Geoffrey Eglinton
1985 Willi Ziegler
1985 Digby Johns McLaren
1984 William David Ian Rolfe
1984 Anthony Leonard Harris