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Distinguished Service Award

Some of the greatest achievements in the geosciences are made possible by individuals who give distinguished service in a range of activities and disciplines.

Established in 1998, this award recognises an individual who has made significant contributions to geoscience and the geoscience community by virtue of their professional, administrative, organisational or promotional activities.

Past winners

2024 Jennifer Brzozowska
2023 John Talbot
2022 Ian Thomas
2021 Sheila Peacock
2020 Bill Gaskarth
2019 Colin Day
2017 Richard Hinton and Ian Kenyon
2016 Edmund Nickless
2016 Catherine Mével
2015 John Catt
2014 Margaret Williams
2013 Richard Moody
2012 Simon Winchester
2012 Ian Jackson
2011 Gerald Joseph Home McCall
2010 Margaret Wood 
2009 Stuart Monro
2008 Peter Wigley
2008 Neil Ellis
2007 Philip A F Christie
2007 Duncan G Murchison
2006 John David Mather
2005 Andrew Charles Skinner
2004 Brian Raymond Marker
2003 Christopher John King
2002 Peter John Smith
2001 Margaret Johnston
2000 James Brooks
1998 Richard Anthony Fox