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Sue Tyler Friedman Medal

Sue Tyler Friedman MedalThis award is for distinguished contributions to History of Geoscience.

Established in 1987 by Gerald Friedman (1921–2011) and the Northeastern Science Foundation of Troy, New York (an organisation he founded), it is dedicated to his wife Sue Tyler Friedman in acknowledgement of her contributions to History of Geoscience.

The Medal, which is not confined to those with a geoscience background or to Fellows of the Society, will be awarded to an individual of any nationality.

Past winners

2024 Martina Kölbl-Ebert
2022 John Mather
2020 Sandra Herbert
2017 Mott T Greene
2016 Richard Howarth
2015 David Branagan
2014 Edward P.F. Rose 
2013 Henry Frankel
2012 Cherry Lewis
2009 Philippe Taquet
2007 Jack Morrell 
2005 Ursula Bailey Marvin
2003 Rhoda Rappaport
2000 James Andrew Secord
1998 Kenneth L Taylor
1997 Martin Guntau
1996 Gordon Leslie Herries Davies
1995 Homer Eugene Le Grand
1994 David Roger Oldroyd
1993 Thomas George Vallance
1992 Francois Ellenberger
1991 Hugh Simon Torrens
1990 William Antony Swithin Sarjeant
1989 Stephen Jay Gould
1988 Martin Rudwick