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William Smith Fund

The William Smith Fund is awarded for excellence in contributions to applied and economic aspects of geoscience (as defined by the William Smith Medal).

This Fund is awarded to early career geoscientists who have made excellent contributions to geoscience research and its application, in the UK and internationally. Recipients must be within ten years (full time equivalent) of the award of their first degree in geoscience or a cognate subject.

The Fund is accompanied by the award of £500.

Past winners

2024 Luke Wedmore
2023 Samantha Engwell
2022 Frederick Richards
2021 Fabian Wadsworth
2020 Emma Jude
2019 Brendan McCormick-Kilbride
2018 Hannah Hughes
2017 Richard Walters
2016 Anja Schmidt
2015 Sarah Bradley
2014 Claire Corkhill 
2013 Marie Edmonds
2012 Jamie Pringle
2011 J H Martin
2011 Daniel Le Heron
2010 Zoe Shipton
2009 David Selby
2008 Timothy Lenton
2007 Bryan Thomas Cronin
2006 Timothy John Wright
2004 Michael Owen Rivett
2002 Simon Alexander Stewart
2001 Paul Younger 
2000 Kevin Miles Hiscock
1999 Simon Rowlatt Young
1998 Joseph Albert Cartwright
1997 Stephen Samuel Flint
1996 Susan Mary Herbert
1995 Andrew George Robinson
1994 Alan Michael Roberts
1993 Andrew Hurst 
1992 David Robert Norbury
1991 Roland Andrew Chadwick
1989 Dorrick A V Stow
1988 N Chapman