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OpenAthens User Accounts

The Library has arranged remote access for Fellows to e-journals and e-books using OpenAthens authentication.

To apply for an OpenAthens User Account, please complete the online Registration Form

Lyell Collection journals are not included. See the Publications section of the website for details of Lyell Collection access. 

OpenAthens passwords are not available to Corporate Patrons at present.

OpenAthens authentication is a means of identifying who is entitled to access a resource. The presence of OpenAthens login fields does not necessarily indicate that a resource is available to Fellows of the Geological Society. Check the E-journals pages, E-books pages or the Library catalogue to find details of individual journals and books.

Access to online resources is covered by copyright law and the Terms and Conditions of the publisher and online access provider. Systematic downloading of articles or chapters and sharing login details are not allowed.

Breaching these regulations could result in the loss of access for the entire Society and anyone knowingly doing so will have their User Accounts withdrawn.

E-journals A-Z List


View details of over 300 e-journals, including free open access journals, the Library's subscribed OpenAthens access journals and Lyell Collection journals.