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The Early Career Geologist Award

To recognise the work of geoscientists in the early stages of their careers, The Geological Society runs the Early Career Geologist award. This competition is open to all Fellows with less than 10 years postgraduate experience, who might be working towards Chartership. Taking part is a great way to enhance your communication skills and demonstrate your understanding of a particular geological topic to an audience.

About the award format

Geological Society Regional Groups are responsible for organising Regional Heats, the winners of which go forward to the National Final held at Burlington House in London.

To enter a Regional Heat, you must prepare a written submission on a piece of geological work that you’ve been involved with and send this to your local Regional Group. This could be your dissertation, research, or a current project you’re involved with at work. If you’re successfully shortlisted for the Regional Heat you then prepare a 15 minute presentation to deliver to a group of judges and an audience of local Geological Society Fellows.

The Finals of the Early Career Award are held in front of a public audience which may include undergraduate students; to reflect this audience, the finalists are asked to shorten their presentation to 10 minutes. The judges will assess how you deliver geoscience information to a mixed audience from first year undergraduate upwards, rather than solely focusing on the technical content of your work.

The next Early Career Geologist Award Finals will take place at the Geological Society on 20 February 2020. Regional Heats will be taking place from September 2019.

If you have any questions about the Early Careers Award please email Education

2019 Early Career Geologist Award Finals

This years Early Career Geologist Award Finals took place on 22 February 2019 and we had an excellent selection of finalists from a variety of industrial and academic backgrounds. Each finalist delivered a 10 minute presentations, with 5 minutes of vigorous questioning from our judging panel. All of the finalists were marked on their professionalism, technical content, creativity, structure and responses to the judges’ questions.

The afternoon concluded with a guest lecture from Dr Bethan Davies, Royal Holloway University on on her work as a glaciologist reconstructing glacier and palaeolake dynamics in Patagonia.

Congratulations go to Jordan Lindsay, South West Regional Group (Cambourne School of Mines, University of Exeter), for being selected as the overall winner of the competition for his talk entitled 'From continent to ocean – the platinum-group-element geochemistry of the migrating Tristan plume'. Jordan received our handsome Orthoceras trophy as well as one year's free fellowship to the Geological Society.

Congratulations also go to Wesley Dixon, Structural Soils Ltd., Western Regional Group, who was selected as the runner up for his talk entitled 'The use of electronic tablets and optical televiewers as logging aids at Wylfa Ground Investigations'.

Well done to all of our finalists:

  • Erin Guy, Jacobs, Yorkshire Regional Group
  • Sam Hazell, Arup, West Midlands Regional Group
  • Daniel Levell, Golder, Central Scotland Regional Group
  • Keir Thomas, Geotechnology Ltd., Southern Wales Regional Group
  • Andrew Thomson, University College London, Home Counties North Regional Group
  • Joseph Whiting, Core Laboratories - Integrated Reservoir Solutions UK, South East Regional Group
Thank you to all of our judges and thank you to all of the Geological Society's Regional Groups that got involved with the Early Career Geologist Award this year!

Watch the presentations 

The National Schools Geology Challenge


The Early Career Geologist Award has in previous years been held jointly with the National Schools Geology Challenge, aimed at A-level students. Find out more about the National Schools Geology Challenge here.