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The following posters have been developed as classroom resources and are free to download:


Geoscience for the Future

Geoscientists will be crucial in meeting society's future challenges through policies to avoid dangerous levels of climate change, to protect the environment and to ensure the availability of vital resources for all. 

Geoscience for the Future Poster
Geoscience for the Future poster 

Year of Carbon Images

Carbon is one of the most important elements on the planet. Find out why in these diagrams developed for our 2019 Year of Carbon.

Year of Carbon Images
 carbon images

Carbon Cycle 

Find out how geology plays an essential role in the carbon cycle this poster developed for our 2019 Year of Carbon.

Carbon Cycle Poster

carbon cycle poster

Minerals in a Smartphone

Find out which minerals and elements are needed to produce a smartphone in this poster developed for our 2018 Year of Resources.

Minerals in a Smartphone poster

minerals in a smartphone poster

Plate Tectonics

Find out about plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes on our poster developed as part of our Plate Tectonic Stories outreach project.

Plate Tectonics poster (KS2/KS3)
Plate Tectonics Poster (KS4/KS5)

plate tectonics poster

Want a hard copy?

Hard copies are available to purchase (£3 including postage) while stocks last. 

If you want to purchase a poster please contact the Education Team.