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Rock sets


Please note that unfortunately we are currently unable to send out rock sets.

We have rock sets designed around various themes available for schools, educational clubs and STEM Ambassadors to borrow. Each rock set contains real specimens formed in different geological environments and comes with accompanying information cards. A great way of bringing Earth science to life in the classroom!

Rock sets are free to borrow but please note that there may be a charge for losses or damages. If you cannot collect and return the rock sets in person to the Geological Society you/your school will need to pay for the return postage.

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Rock cycle rock set

Rocks are all around us! Get to know the Earth with our set of common igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks suitable for studying the rock cycle and rock properties. Rock set includes basalt, granite, obsidian, pumice, shale, sandstone, limestone, conglomerate, slate, gneiss, schist and marble.

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Year of Resources rock set

Rocks and minerals are essential natural resources for building roads and bridges, generating heat and electricity and in manufacturing technology like smartphones, lasers and space shuttles. Find out how some of the Earth’s rocks are used in our everyday lives in our Year of Resources rock set.

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Year of Risk rock set

As Earth’s population increases, the risks associated with geohazards have intensified dramatically. This selection of samples showcases a range of rocks and minerals related to global geohazards and their risks.

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Year of Water rock set

Water plays a vital role in the formation of many different rock types. This selection of specimens showcases rocks that are formed either by the action of water, or rocks that play an important role in the water cycle.

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