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Scelidosaurus the Dorset Dinosaur

After a cliff fall in 2000 on the beach at Black Ven near Charmouth, Dorset professional fossil collector David Sole made the discovery of a lifetime. He found the partial remains of a Scelidosaurus that turned out to be the finest dinosaur specimen ever found in Britain. Dubbed the Horned Scelidosaur this spectacular, three dimensionally preserved, 3-metre (9 foot) specimen has a devilish grin, magnificent body armour and even evidence of its last meal.

Dr Tim Ewin, who curated the display of the Horned Scelidosaur, will introduce these spectacular British dinosaurs and the world they inhabited and describe the remains of the finest dinosaur ever discovered in Britain. This dinosaur specimen is currently on public display in the Dinosaur Gallery of the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.

Scelidosaurs were heavily armoured, quadrapedal, herbivorous, dinosaurs the size and weight of a small car and roamed the lush tropical world of the Lower Jurassic some 190 million years ago. 


Tim Ewan (Natural hisotry Museum)