Oil and Gas

Energy companies (and oil & gas exploration companies) employ a wide range of geologists and engineers in the search for and production of hydrocarbon reserves. Exploration, seismology and software modelling are just a few of the sectors. 

Companies that employ geologists include oil and gas producers, exploration companies (sometimes incorporated into the producers) and consultancies.

Geologist Mud Logging at oil well site

Roles & career profiles

Typical roles geoscientists in oil and gas companies/consultancies may undertake include:


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Reservoir Geologist

Exploration Geologist

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Reservoir Geophysicist

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Exploration Geophysicist

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Principal Geophysicist

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New Ventures Manager

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There are also a range of engineering roles associated with oil and gas companies/consultancies, e.g. petroleum engineers, which can be undertaken by geoscientists with the correct postgraduate qualifications and/or experience.

Geoscience Areas

These roles require a diverse set of geological and geophysical knowledge and skills. Some of the areas that those in the oil and gas industry utilise or specialise in include:

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