Natural Hazards and Risk

Geohazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides and tsunami continue to have devastating effects on people, landscapes and economies around the world. The understanding and communication of these hazards and their impact is of paramount importance.

Geologists study the features and effects of these phenomena, or work to forecast them and minimise damage. Geologists in other job sectors work to mitigate geohazards caused by human activities such as ground contamination, mineral extraction and waste disposal. 

We are also experiencing increasing levels of weather-related hazards such as flooding, including groundwater flooding. Geologists have an essential role to play in advising on the construction of flood defences, understanding and managing natural defences, and ensuring land use is planned effectively.

Roles & Career Profiles



Technical Officer, Groundwater & Contaminated Land

Groundwater Modeller

Engineering Geologist


Geologists measure the electrical field across a lava tube to determine the volume of lava flowing through the tube