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Find out more about Geology at school and the UK national curriculum, with advice on what subjects to study, applying for university, work experience and future options if you're interested in the Earth.

Studying Geology at School

You can study Geology as a GCSE or A Level in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, or where it overlaps with other subjects, as part of the science and geography curriculum.

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Qualifications & Applying for University

Geology calls on a wide spectrum of other sciences to study the Earth. Find out about the importance of Science and Maths, with advice on applying for a Geology degree.

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Work Experience

A period spent shadowing a geologist can help you decide where you want to be in future as well as enhancing your university application. This is usually organised on an ‘ad hoc’ basis rather than through a formal process, so it’s up to you to be proactive. 

Generally placements are only available through industry, for example with engineering, petroleum, minerals, environmental or water companies. The Geological Society does not offer any work experience, but we do offer help and advice on placements and organised schemes. 

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If you have a passion for Geology and plan to go on to take a degree, joining as a student member is the ideal first step in your career.

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School: Looking Ahead