placement: Engineering
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Megan Vaughan-Ellis

Age: 22
Degree: Engineering Geology & Geotechnics
Placement Position: Keller Geotechnique, Industrial placement Engineer

(Profile courtesy of the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth)

How did you obtain your placement and what help did you receive from the University?

I obtained my placement through the University Industrial Alliance Bursary Scheme. With only Geology as a relevant A-Level I wasn’t sure that I’d have a chance of obtaining a place on the scheme, but I did! 

The University were very supportive through the whole company matching process, offering advice and encouragement.

Can you describe your current job and the types of role that you fulfill?

I’m currently supporting the Contracts Division, mainly based on sites, particularly in London. 

I support the Head Engineer on site, analysing grouting and drilling results, amending drawings, helping with costings, supervising drilling and completing final project reports.

What do you feel you will gain from the Placement year?

I feel I will not only gain a lot of knowledge that is related to my degree, but also about how an Engineering company runs day-to-day. 

Working with people in different roles is a big aspect of my job, so my social skills are always improving (not that I need much help talking!). Hopefully the placement year experience will also help me attain a job after graduation.

What do you enjoy most about studying at University?

I love how approachable all the staff are, if ever you feel you have a problem or need help, academically or personally, they provide the support needed to help you through Uni. The field trips are another great thing; spending time in different places (and sometimes different countries!), with great course mates, gaining skills and knowledge about a subject you love is always a bonus!

What would your advice be to anyone thinking of studying at University?

My advice is to go for it! The uni offers great support academically and personally. The social aspect is great, there is always something going on, and there are so many different social and sport groups to get involved in, you’ll never get bored!