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About Geoscientist

Geoscientist is the monthly Fellowship magazine of the Geological Society of London

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Geoscientist June 2019

Geoscientist is the main means of communication between the Society and its Fellows, but is also editorially independent of Council and the Secretariat.

The Editors, Dr Amy Whitchurch and Ms Sarah Day, are responsible to an independent Editor-in-Chief, Dr Andy Fleet (Dorset County Museum), and Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Mr David Shilston (Atkins), and have an Editorial Advisory Panel available for consultation over scientific content of feature articles (see below).


Geoscientist has a print run of ~13,000 and is distributed free to all Society Fellows, with backgrounds across academia and industry, in 84 different countries. The magazine is freely available (open access) online and is widely promoted on social media (in particular, on the @geoscientistmag twitter account, which has >15.5K followers). The magazine is also freely available to visitors to The Geological Society at Burlington House in London, and is distributed at careers fairs across the UK, as well as at major conferences (in the UK and internationally), including the EGU, AGU, AAPG and GSA annual assemblies.

As part of the Society’s outreach and education programme, Geoscientist is sent to schools and colleges across the UK, as well as numerous national and international university departments, including the Institution of Geoscientists at the University of Sierra Leone in Freetown.

Geoscientist is distributed to journalists/press officers/representatives at various institutions, including the GSA, PalAss, Science journals, Nature journals, AGU, AAPG, EGU, Natural History Museum, BGS, BBC, British Science Association, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, Royal Geographical Society, Royal Astronomical Society, Financial Times, Daily Mail, as well as to several geoscience-related companies and the Society’s Corporate Patrons.

If you are a journalist and would like to receive a copy, please email the Editor.

What's in Geoscientist?Geoscientist November 2018

•    Editorial – Topical opinion piece from the Editor
•    Society News – What the Geological Society is doing at home and abroad
•    Soapbox – Opinion piece submitted by a Fellow of the Society
•    First Feature – An illustrated article that provides in-depth coverage of a topical geoscientific subject (informally peer-reviewed by the Editorial Advisory Panel)
•    Second Feature – An illustrated article that provides brief, creative and thought-provoking discussion of a topical geoscience-related issue
•    Meeting Reports – A broadly accessible review of the main upshots from a geoscience conference, meeting or workshop
•    Careers – A forum for geoscientists to share their professional experiences and advice
•    People News – Geoscientists in the news and on the move
•    Distant Thunder – An entertaining report on a historical geoscientist by science writer Nina Morgan
•    Books & Arts – Reviews of recent books, theatre events and exhibitions
•    Obituaries – Tributes to Fellows lately deceased
•    Letters – To facilitate rapid and timely interchange of opinion
•    Events calendar – A forward listing of Society activities (including Specialist Groups, Joint Associations and Regional Groups), as well as activities going on in the broader geoscience community
•    'Sticks & Stones' - The misadventures of Dalston and Gibbet, two geologists described by one commentator as "a few taxa short of an assemblage". By cartoonist Dave Hughes.
•    Crossword – Contributed by Bindweed

For more details on each of these content types, please see our Guide for Authors page

Editorial Advisory Panel

Geoscientist August 2018The Editorial Advisory Panel is chaired by the Editor-in-Chief and composed of a number of professional geoscientists. It currently (2019) consists of:

Prof. Andy Fleet (Editor-in-Chief)
Mr David Shilston (Deputy Editor-in-Chief)
Ms Sarah Day (Editor)
Dr Amy Whitchurch (Editor, currently on maternity leave)
Mrs Natalyn Ala
Mr Steve Branch
Dr Robin Cocks
Dr Howard Falcon-Lang
Prof. Tony Harris (former EIC)
Mr Edmund Nickless
Dr Alan Roberts
Prof. Peter Styles (former EIC)
Dr Colin Summerhayes
Dr Jan Zalasiewicz

Board members have no fixed terms of office, receive no payment and make themselves available for consultation by the Editors over the scientific content of feature articles.  Their work is carried out almost entirely by email, but they do meet once a year face-to-face, to review the magazine and brainstorm new ideas.

Please also read the Geoscientist Terms of Reference document here