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EarthLearningIdea success!

The ELI website

In March this year Earthlearningidea published its 100th freely downloadable activity on the website, writes Chris King.

Geoscientist 20.03 April 2011

ELI activities, published one per fortnight, are being downloaded at an average of more than 20,000 per month, and have been accessed in 162 countries across the globe. All are available in English, most in Spanish, Italian and Norwegian, some in Chinese (Mandarin) and one in Tamil; translations into Portuguese and German are being prepared.

The early activities were aimed at classrooms with minimal resources, requiring only readily available materials; many of the later activities (designated ELI +) require apparatus available in a normal school lab or more abstract ideas. The Earthlearningidea website and translations are all developed on a voluntary basis, so please ‘volunteer’ to tell your friends and spread the Earthlearningidea news!