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GSL LogoPresident’s Day 2019
The Society announced the winners of its medals and funds for 2019 in the March edition:

Edward Stolper (Wollaston Medal); Nicholas Kusznir (Lyell Medal); Marian Holness (Murchison Medal); Frances Wall (William Smith Medal); Anthony Barber (Prestwich Medal); Nigel Woodcock (Dewey Medal); Richard Law (Coke Medal); Bramley Murton (Coke Medal); Colin Day (Distinguished Service Award); Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre (RH Worth Award); Emily Rayfield (Bigsby Medal); Andrea Cozzi (Aberconway Medal); Andrew Parsons (Wollaston Fund); Sam Giles (Lyell Fund); Jonathan Pownall (Murchison Fund); Brendan McCormick Kilbride (William Smith Fund). The President’s Awards for 2019 will be announced in the May issue.

The Awards will be presented at President’s Day on Thursday 6 June 2019. On that day, there will be research talks by the four senior medallists: Edward Stolper (Caltech); Nicholas Kusznir (University of Liverpool); Marian Holness (University of Cambridge); Frances Wall (Camborne School of Mines).

All Fellows are welcome to attend the events of President’s Day though lunch with the Award winners will incur a charge. Full details of charges and instructions for registration will be published in the May issue and online.

Chartership News

An update on chartership from Bill Gaskarth

New Chartership Application and Procedures

Applications can now be made on-line through MyGSL, although the present procedure is still accepted.

Please report any difficulties to the Chartership Officer ( to ensure that the on-line system can be made to work smoothly.

The Chartership and Professional pages on the Society’s website have been updated and hard copies of Application Forms and Guidances may be downloaded from there if needed.

CSci Scrutineers

Bill Gaskarth puts out a call for Scrutineers

The number of applications for CSci is relatively small, with perhaps 1 or 2 at each of the Chartership interview events. With the advent of the new Contaminated Land Specialist Group, I am hoping that this might increase. We are short of Scrutineers with CSci and thus I am asking for volunteers to join the Scrutineering Panel. Anyone interested please contact me at I know that there are CSci Scrutineers on the list who have yet to be asked to act, but this is a function of not yet being able to match them with applicants in their geographic area rather than their not being needed.

Training Scheme Accreditation
The Training Scheme for Geoscientists at Amey Consulting has been accredited.

Society Discussion Group

Programme: 2019

Meetings of the Geological Society Discussion Group are 18.30 for 19.00, when dinner is served. Attendance is open to all members of the Society. For up to date information concerning topics for discussion and speakers, please go to W:

•    18 April (AGM) - Burlington House
•    11 June - Burlington House
•    18 September - The King's Head
•    23 October - Bumpkins Restaurant
•    04 December - The Athenaeum

Please contact Sarah Woodcock for more information and to make a reservation. E: