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Society News

President’s Day 2020

The Society announced the winners of its medals and funds for 2020 in the March edition:  

Barbara Romanowicz (Wollaston Medal); Rachel Wood (Lyell Medal); Katharine Cashman (Murchison Medal); Alastair Ruffell (William Smith Medal); Kristján Saemundsson (Prestwich Medal); Alastair Robertson (Dewey Medal); Sandra Herbert (Sue Tyler Friedman Medal); Richard Davies (Coke Medal); Lisa McNeill (Coke Medal); Bill Gaskarth (Distinguished Service Award); Bridget Wade (Bigsby Medal); Andrew Newton (Wollaston Fund); Thomas Hearing (Lyell Fund); Alexander Dunhill (Murchison Fund); Emma Jude (William Smith Fund).  

The President’s Awards for 2020 are awarded to Dr Tim Gregory of University of Bristol/British Geological Survey and Dr Thomas Phillips of Durham University.  

The Awards will be presented at President’s Day on 4 June 2020. On that day there will be research talks by the senior medallists: Barbara Romanowicz (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris); Rachel Wood (University of Edinburgh); Katharine Cashman (University of Bristol); Alastair Ruffell (Queens University Belfast).

All Fellows are welcome to attend the events of President’s Day though lunch with the Award winners will incur a charge. Full details of charges and instructions for registration will be published in the May issue and online.

Notification of Officers 2020/2021

At the Annual General Meeting on 4 June 2020 Fellows will be asked to elect the following members of Council as Officers for 2020/2021:


Dr Michael Daly


Mr John Booth

Mr Nicholas Reynolds

Miss Jessica Smith


Prof James Griffiths

Prof Robin Strachan

Dr Alexander Whittaker

Secretary, Foreign & External Affairs

Dr Joel Gill


Mr Graham Goffey

Join the Career and Industry Day Advisory Panel

Are you passionate about helping students and early career geoscientists? Excited about promoting your industry? Apply to join the newly launched Advisory Panel for the Geological Society’s Career and Industry Days. Held in Edinburgh, Nottingham, and London, the events provide an opportunity for students to meet representatives from companies and academic programmes, and to hear from speakers from a range of industries.

We are looking to expand the range of industries and careers represented at these events, to ensure that students are aware of all the career and study options available to them. We are therefore creating an advisory board to help us connect with potential employers and career representatives. We are particularly looking for people to represent the following industries: geotechnical engineering, hydrology, contaminated land, mining and extractives, energy, government and NGOs, science communications and publishing, and alternative careers such as finance or insurance. We are also looking for an academic representative for each region.

The commitment:

We will host one virtual meeting of 1.5 to 2 hours once the panel has been established. We then expect panel members to identify and contact potential sponsors and exhibitors. GSL will then follow up with logistics and any other arrangements required. We will also ask our panel members to suggest potential speakers and topics for the oral session.  Any reasonable expenses incurred will be reimbursed.

To apply:

Please send a copy of your CV and a short cover letter detailing your interest in and ideas for the Career and Industry Days to by 15 April 2020.

To find out more about our Careers and Industry Days, visit our Careers Day page.

Policy update

What constitutes responsible investing in natural resources?

In October 2019, interdisciplinary delegates from mining, oil and gas companies, investors and other financial institutions, consultancies, NGOs and universities explored what constitutes responsible investment in the extractive sector. During a two-day workshop at the Society, they considered how it might be verified and quantified, identified drivers and barriers to achieving it, and proposed actions to support and stimulate its implementation. Read our policy briefing note to find out more.