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Honorary fellowship

sfjDr Markku Juhani Iljina- HonFGS

Dr Iljina is the founder of Markuu Iljina GeoConsulting Oy.  He is an exploration geologist with extensive experience of Fennoscandian geology, specialising in gold, nickel, copper, vanadium, chrome, tungsten, and PGM mineral deposits.  He has a broad palate of mineral exploration activities over more than 30 years and has published widely on the results of this work and continues to do so.  

Dr Iljina has played a major role in the reorganisation and development of professional bodies.  Initially this was in his home country of Finland where he played a lead role in the reorganisation of the Finnish technical and professional bodies that represent geologists so as to properly allow professional geologists to be recognised both inside and outside Finland for their technical and professional abilities. 

During his time as a Council member of the European Federation of Geologists, over a period of about 10 years, he has provided support and understanding of the aspirations of the Society for EFG and supported it in all related professional matters.  He has shown himself to be a good friend of the Society and this will only increase in the future.  He is an effective ambassador and through his many contacts with Finnish employers will be able to promote professional titles and the highest standards of ethical behaviour.  He has been the EFG (European Federation of Geologists) representative in PERC (Pan-European Reserves & Resources Reporting Committee) since June 2012.

It is recommended that he be elected to Honorary Fellowship to enhance and cement this ongoing collaboration into the future.