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Society News

Society Awards 2019

Make your nominations for our 2019 awards, writes Stephanie Jones.

Fellows of the Society are encouraged to submit nominations for the Society’s Awards for 2019 to the Awards Committee.    Full details of how to make nominations are on the website at   Nominations must be received at the Society no later than 28 September 2018. 

Council & OGMs

OGMS:  2018: 18 September, 28 November.   2019: 6 February, 3 April
COUNCIL: 2018 18 & 19 Sept (residential), 28 November.  2019: 6 February, 3 April

Paperless Billing 2019

We are going paperless for 2019 membership renewals.

For the last few years, many members have opted for paperless invoicing, with the majority choosing to pay online. This has significantly reduced the number of paper returns, contributing to the important objective of a reduced environmental footprint and improving the efficiency of payment processing, for the benefit of all.

Additionally, our new database system will come online soon, which, if run alongside paperless billing, will make the process of renewing much easier. With this in mind, we feel the time is right to introduce paperless billing for all members, for the 2019 subscription renewals. Fellowship cards will be sent to all Fellows who have paid and renewed by December 2018.

For members who feel that paper billing is essential, we will of course be happy to send one to you, on request.  Please contact the Fellowship office on for more details.

Outputs from our 2018 Year of Resources

What has the society being doing for the Year of Resources? Amy Ball explains.

Our public lecture series kicked off in January this year with some fascinating resource-themed lectures. So far we’ve covered topics such as oil and gas in future energy demand, new frontiers for metal and mineral resources, the role of the geologist in securing supply of critical minerals, and the ethics of gemstones and jewellery. 

All of our 2018 public lectures can be watched online on our events pages (

As part of our themed year, we’ve convened two innovative conferences at Burlington House, one on ‘Lithium: From Exploration to End-User’ and our Bryan Lovell Meeting on ‘Mining for the Future’. Read a recent post about the lithium conference on our blog (, and watch talks from these meetings on our events pages.

We’ve launched a new minerals web resource (, containing key information on important mineral resources together with some beautiful mineral illustrations drawn by Dr Hazel Gibson (

We’ve also been working on some new resources for primary and secondary education based around energy and minerals, including a mineral resources card game, energy resources presentations and classroom activities, and information factsheets on energy, water and mineral resources. All of our education resources can be used by teachers, parents and STEM Ambassadors and are available to download on our education pages ( 

All of these resources and many more can also be found on our Year of Resources web page:

Society Discussion Group

Programme: 2018

Meetings of the Geological Society Discussion Group (formerly the Geological Society Club) are 18.30 for 19.00, when dinner is served.  

Attendance is open to all members of the Society.  For up to date information concerning topics for discussion and speakers, please go to the Discussion Group's webpage

•    Wednesday 19 September – Burlington House
•    Wednesday 24 October – Bumpkins
•    Wednesday 5 December – Athenaeum

Please contact Sarah Woodcock for more information and to make a reservation.  E: