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Diversity monitoring

Zachary Lamdin writes: As readers of the December/January Soapbox piece by Tricia Henton will know, as part of our commitment to supporting diversity, equality and inclusion in the geosciences, the Society has now started to monitor the diversity of its Fellowship.  A diversity monitoring form will now be included with application forms for new joiners, and existing members can complete the form via their online 'MyGSL' accounts by logging in on this website.

We already collect information about the age and the sex of our Fellows, and the new form requests information on ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.  We believe it is important to know more about the diverse make-up of the Fellowship so that we can identify barriers to inclusion and understand where we need to work harder to improve equality, and also so we can measure our success over time. 

Completion of the diversity monitoring form is optional: no one will be required to provide this information.  But we hope many of you will want to help us find out more about the diversity of the Fellowship.  All personal information is treated confidentially and stored securely and will only be used to provide anonymous statistical information.