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Hong Kong degree accredited

Bill Gaskarth (Chartership Officer) writes: Hong Kong University has been successful in its application to have its undergraduate degree programme in Earth Science accredited by the Society. It is the third overseas university programme to be accredited, following the University of the West Indies and King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia). An application from The King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Saudi Arabia) is currently being assessed by the Accreditation Panel.

The Society has accredited MSc degrees from Manchester (Petroleum Geoscience) and Newcastle (Petroleum Geochemistry, Environmental Biogeochemistry and Engineering Geology) and has recently received an application from Portsmouth University for their Engineering Geology MSc. A first overseas application for the accreditation of an MSc programme is expected later this year.

Graduates holding accredited degrees are eligible to apply early for Chartership. Holders of accredited first degrees may apply after five years’ relevant postgraduate experience, while graduates from accredited MSc programmes may apply after four.