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IGCP deadline looms!

International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) projects: proposal deadline looms, warns Ed Derbyshire 

Geoscientist 19.9 September 2007

As a uniquely successful multidisciplinary geoscience programme, the IGCP continues to attract, in its 36th year, regional and global research proposals by groups of earth scientists around the world.

The sustained aim of the IGCP is to facilitate research collaboration on geological problems of societal concern and relevance, particularly between individuals from both industrialized and developing countries. Projects run for up to five years, the launch money contributed by the IGCP being used to bring together like-minded specialists to discuss their research in workshops, conferences and in the field.

The contribution of the IGCP in the promotion of geoscientific approaches to global problems bearing upon issues such as sustainable development, the health and safety of humanity and the reduction of the adverse effects of natural disasters and resource extraction has become a model for other ventures both within and without UNESCO. From its very beginning in 1972, British earth scientists have provided both leadership and substantial contributions to the success of the IGCP, including enhancing geoscientific knowledge and expertise in developing countries in both cost-effective and sustainable ways. They have played a role in making the IGCP a great deal more than a set of five year projects, helping to build a legacy that includes outcomes such as the Global Geochemical Database and the International Landslide Consortium.

There is much to be gained from sustaining Britain’s role in the IGCP as it continues to adapt to changing priorities and operational conditions. The next round of project submissions is well advanced, the deadline for receipt of new project proposals to the IGCP Secretariat in Paris being 15 October 2007. Be sure to beat the deadline, and, if you intend to be the leader of a proposed project, be sure that you include in your application a letter of endorsement from your IGCP National Committee (the External Relations Committee of the Society). 

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