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Atlas of Natural and Induced Fractures in Core

adfgdPractical publications in the geosciences have always been welcome particularly when they are an Atlas type approach, geology being a very visual science. So, the recent AAPG publication that focuses on cataloguing the nature of fractures in drill core will have value in many sectors of applied geology.  

The volume provides visual representation with brief explanation of the different physical features observed in core, be it natural or artefact of mining.  The natural and induced fracture data contained in cores provides a wealth of information once they are recognised and properly interpreted. Written by two experts in the field, this resource provides a much-needed tool to help with the accurate interpretation of these cores.

The atlas demonstrates how to recognise non-fracture artefacts in a core since many of them provide other types of practical information. The visual catalogue of fractures and artefacts is an invaluable guide, particularly for less experienced core logger.  Too many times artefacts are not recognised and labelled with lavish description and interpretation - leading to confusion and erroneous logging.

Presented in full colour and free of obvious errors, this is a high quality publication that should be an essential text in any and all core facilities and essential reading for anyone who spends time looking at core.

Reviewed by Rob Bowell

ATLAS OF NATURAL AND INDUCED FRACTURES IN CORE BY JOHN C LORENZ AND SCOTT P COOPER  2017.  ISBN (print) 9781119160007. Online DOI: DOI: 10.1002/9781119160014.  328pp hbk List Price: £120.00.  W: