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Chartership update

 New Academic Requirement for Eligibility to Apply for CGeol

John Talbot (Vice President, Chartership) has news of changes to CGeol eligibility requirements

Knowledge and understanding are essential and important components of professional competency. Formal education is the usual, although not the only, way of demonstrating the necessary knowledge and understanding, and the following Master’s-level qualifications exemplify the required knowledge and understanding for Chartered Geologists.

With effect from January 2020, The Geological Society will require candidates for CGeol to hold a recognised degree at M-level; or to have post-graduation experience to demonstrate M-level attainment. This has been a requirement of the Science Council for CSci for well over 5 years now.

M-level degrees include not only the 1-year vocational MSc degrees but also the Integrated Master’s degrees (MGeol, MSci, MESci, etc).

Applicants who have a Bachelor's level degree only will be required to demonstrate that they have accumulated the same level of academic knowledge and understanding as that for applicants who hold exemplifying qualifications. This requirement may be satisfied either by a) Further learning, or b) Experiential learning.

Further learning means gaining further qualifications, either in whole or in part, and could be an MSc programme or other selected modules or units that may be sufficient to top up their qualifications to the required standard.

Experiential learning is learning that has been acquired through a range of unstructured experience as well as structured learning that has been gained in the workplace, rather than formal educational programmes. Any additional academic qualifications that have been achieved are also relevant in demonstrating geoscientific knowledge and understanding.

Further details of the M-level requirements are provided on the website at: