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Copy deadlines

All content to be included in Geoscientist magazine should be emailed to by the following copy deadlines. 

Please note:

  • These dates may change.  You are advised to check back here regularly!
  • These deadlines do NOT apply to Book Reviews or Obituaries.  To discuss the submission of these items, please contact
 Issue (2019)
 Deadline Date
(Features confirmed for issue, Soapbox, Meeting Reports, Careers, People News)
 Deadline Date
(Society News ONLY)
 February  November 30 (2018)
 December 12 (2018)
 March  January 18
 January 30
 April  February 15
 February 27
 May  March 15
 March 27
 June  April 18
 May 1
 May 17
 May 23
 August  June 21
 July 1
 September  July 19
 July 31
 October  August 16
 August 28
 November  September 20
 October 1
 December  October 11
 October 17

If you've missed a deadline, the Society newsletter may be able to help. Please contact for more information.