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Chartership News

sdtytrsaChartership Officer Bill Gaskarth hails a bumper month for Chartership successes.

In September 32 Fellows were elected to CGeol and five to CSci.  Two of these gained both.  Their names are recorded for the first time in this month's print issue.

A breakdown of applications for Chartership  shows; 24 Engineering Geology/Geotechnics; four Hydrogeology; four Mineral Deposits; four Contaminated Land; two Environmental; two Oil and Gas; one Shallow Geophysics.  Five applicants had more than 20 years’ experience.

Twenty nine applications have been received for November, from geoscientists in the following sectors: 14 Engineering/Geotechnics; four Hydrogeology; four Mineral Deposits; six Contaminated Land; one Micropalaeontology.  Three of this cohort have 20+ years’ experience.


The Engineering Geology/Geotechnics sector continues to dominate, and ‘Oil and Gas’ and ‘Academia’ are still poorly represented, despite the considerable numbers employed there.  We hope that applications from these areas will grow.  The increasing number of applications from the mineral deposits/mining sector is encouraging, as is the continuing growth from those with 20+ years’ experience.

Web pages for ‘Chartership’ and ‘Professional’ matters have been rewritten to provide clearer guidance for applicants so that their applications are focused on the Chartership Competency criteria, and not simply on their competence to do their job.  Also we have added greater guidance for Sponsors and Scrutineers as we try to ensure that applications come from Fellows who are ‘ready’ for Chartership, rather than their simply having enough experience to be eligible.


Interest in Company Training Scheme Accreditation continues to grow.  Fugro Group (Hong Kong) has had their scheme accredited and an application from WSP is presently being assessed.  Several others have expressed an interest and further applications are expected.  Names and logos of the companies with accredited schemes will be prominently placed on the revamped Chartership and Professional web pages.

Nautilus training courses have been endorsed for CPD, as has the AMEC course on Reserves and Resources Reporting.  These add to the growing number of high quality of courses that we now endorse for CPD.  A list of all those available to Fellows will be placed on the new Chartership and Professional web pages.