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Category 1: Landscape


The UK and Ireland’s stunning landscapes are shaped by the geology that underlies them, and its interaction with controls such as weathering and erosion.

These sites illustrate the extraordinary range of interesting, unusual and spectacular environments and geomorphological features created by these processes.

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Upper Teesdale

Upper Teesdale

North Pennines, England

Upper Teesdale is a Site of Special Scientific Interest which incorporates several important geological locations as well as the spectacular High Force waterfall!

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The foreland mountains, Assynt

Sutherland, Scotland

Shaped by glaciation, Assynt is famous for its landscape and remarkable mountains.

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The Burren

County Clare, Ireland

Formed from Visean limestone, the Burren is one of the finest examples of a glacio-karst landscape in the world.

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Pen y Fan

Pen y Fan

Brecon Beacons, Wales

The highest peak in South Wales, Pen y Fan is formed from various units of the Old Red Sandstone, laid down during the Devonian period.

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near Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

Loughareema, in Co. Antrim, translates from the Irish as ‘vanishing lake’. It’s not surprising to find out that it is an ephemeral lake that fills and empties with relative rapidness. One day it could be empty, and the next, completely full.

The Wrekin

The Wrekin

Shropshire, England

The Wrekin features some of the oldest volcanic rocks in England, and a huge variety of geology, from Pre-Cambrian to Quaternary.


Malham Cove

Yorkshire Dales, England

The spectacular natural limestone formation at Malham Cove was formed after the last Ice Age by meltwater.


Ardnamurchan Ring Complex

Lochaber, Highlands, Scotland

Ardnamurchan’s spectacular landscape has been shaped by volcanic activity and Ice Age erosion. The rings of the volcanic complex can be easily seen in satellite photographs, but are much harder to spot on the ground!

raised beach

Raised Beach at Loch Tarbert

Jura, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

The raised beaches of the west coast of Jura reflect changes in relative sea level associated with the growth and decay of ice sheets during the Quaternary Ice Age.



Bristol Channel, Devon, England

Formed largely from granite, Lundy Island has intrigued geologists since the nineteenth century, with fascinating features such as the ‘Earthquake’ and the ‘Devil’s Slide’, and stunning scenery.

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