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2010 meeting resources

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Advances in Carbonate Exploration and Reservoir Analysis

4-5 November, The Geological Society London

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Special Publication: SP370

The Geology of Unconventional Gas Plays

5-6 October 2010, The Geological Society London  

It is generally recognised that unconventional gas resources will make up a major part of our future energy needs. In recent years there has been a marked increase in interest in these resources from industry and especially amongst the major western oil and gas companies. Many of the technical issues surrounding unconventional gas plays revolve around the complex engineering solutions required to commercially exploit them. The aim of this conference however was to specifically address the geoscience issues related to their exploration and exploitation.


• Overviews of Unconventional Gas Plays

• Shale Gas

• Tight Gas Reservoirs

• Coalbed Methane

• Gas Hydrates

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Modelling Sedimentary Basins and their Petroleum Systems

3-4 June 2010, The Geological Society London

Advances in modelling of basin formation, fill and fluids.

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Carbon Storage Opportunities in the North Sea

24-25 March 2010, The Geological Society London

Carbon capture and storage has the potential to be the size of North Sea oil and gas industry and be worth more than £2bn/yr and sustain more than 30,000 jobs by 2030. North Sea CO2 storage space is estimated at more than 22 billion tonnes which is 180 years' emissions from the UK's 20 largest point sources. But what are the geological factors affecting how this space can be used? How will geology inform the regulators and the public and what are the risks and opportunities for the private sector?

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Salt Tectonics, Sediments and Prospectivity

20-21 January 2010, The Geological Society London

This international conference brought together academic and industrial geoscientists to review recent advances in our understanding of halokinetic processes and to explore the links between salt tectonics and sediments.

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Special Publication: SP363


Other Resources: 

  • Petroleum Geoscience Research Collaboration Showcase (23-24 November 2010)