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Extensional Tectonics: Faulting & Related Processes (Part 2)

Product Code: KITII
Series: GSL Key Issues in Earth Sciences - print copy
Author/Editor: Complied by R E Holdsworth and J P Turner
Publication Date: 18 December 2002
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This book forms the second of a two part volume containing a compilation of 35 classic papers on extensional tectonics, with particular emphasis on petroleum-related features. Each part comprises a set of scientifically significant papers from the last 20 years taken from the

Journal of the Geological Society and various Special Publications of the Geological Society. The present volume focuses on faulting and fault-related processes under the headings: Geometry and Spatial Attributes of Normal Faults; Active Normal Faulting and Seismicity; Analogue Modelling; and Intra-Reservoir Faulting and Fluid Flow. The book begins with a new scientific and historical review of the subject and the context of the papers contained therein.

By compiling some of the most important papers on extensional tectonics Bob Holdsworth & Johnathan Turner have created a volume intended for a wide readership. It is of special relevance to MSc and PhD students working in any Petroleum-related scientific field and to Petroleum industry geoscientists around the world. It is also of great use to undergraduates studying courses on Structural Geology/Tectonics, Petroleum Geology, Basin Dynamics etc.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-115-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-115-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 328
Weight: 1.23 kg


xtensional tectonics; faulting and related processes, J.P. Turner & R.E. Holdsworth • Geometry and spatial attributes of normal faults Structural evolution of extensional basin margins, A.D. Gibbs • Dips of normal faults in British Coal Measures and other sedimentary sequences, J.J. Walsh & J. Watterson • Seismic reflections from normal faults in the northern North Sea, G. Yielding, M.E. Badley & B. Freeman • Calculating normal fault geometries at depth: theory and examples, N.J. White & G. Yielding • Geometric and kinematic coherence and scale effects in normal fault systems, J.J. Walsh & J. Watterson • Ductile strain effects in the analysis of seismic interpretations of normal fault systems, J.J. Walsh & J. Watterson • Fault overlap zones within developing normal fault systems, C. Childs, J. Watterson & J.J. Walsh • Active normal faulting and seismicity Continental fault structure and the shallow earthquake source, R.H. Sibson • Active normal faulting and crustal extension, J.A. Jackson • Active normal faults in central Greece: an overview, S. Roberts & J.A. Jackson • Analogue Modelling Physical models of extensional tectonics at various as scales, B. Vendeville, P.R. Cobbold, P. Davy, J.P. Brun & P. Choukroune • Recent advances in anologue modeling: uses in section interpretation and validation, K.R. McClay • Estimating inversion: results from clay models, G. Eisenstadt & M.O. Withjack • Intra-reservoir faulting and fluid flow Fault sealing processes in siliciclastic sediments, Q.J. fisher & R.J. Knipe • Physical character and fluid-flow properties of sandstone-derived fault zones, R.G. Gibson • Fault-controlled communication in the Sleipner Vest Field, Norwegian Continental Shelf, detailed, quantities input for reservoir simulation and well planning, S. Ellevet Ottesen, R.J. Knipe, T. Svava Olsen, Q.J. Fisher & G. Jones • Flow through fault systems in high porosity sandstones, T. Manzocchi, P.S. Ringrose & J.R. Underhill • Polygonal faulting in the Tertiary of the Central North Sea: implications for reservoir geology, L. Lonergan, J. Cartwright, R. Laver & J. Staffurth


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