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Collection Highlights

IN DEPTH - Online exhibitions focusing on the activities of the Geological Society, our Fellows or other notable figures from the history of geology.

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Making Maps

George Bellas Greenough’s (1778-1855) mapping of the British Isles


Monster Soup: Water Supply to the Metropolis

How the search for a clean water supply led to the birth of hydrogeology 

  Thames Tunnel

The Three (Thames) Tunnels

Brunel's Tunnel and the two previous attempts to build a tunnel under the Thames

Brixham Cave and the Antiquity of Man

The importance of Brixham Cave in proving the Antiquity of Man

Mary Anning and the Geological Society

The influence of Mary Anning (1799-1847) on Fellows of the Geological Society

First women

The First Women

A celebration of the centenary of Female Fellowship in 2019

  Moore museum

Charles Moore: Fossil hunter

The life and work of the amateur geologist and collector Charles Moore (1815-1881)

  William Smith

William 'Strata' Smith, the Father of English Geology

The life and work of William Smith (1769-1839)

WW1 logo

World War One: Roll of Honour

Geological Society Fellows who lost their lives in World War One

Mary Buckland

Women and Geology in the 19th century

The contributions of women to the science of geology in the early 19th century.


Sir Lewis Leigh Fermor’s Diary: Life in Colonial India

Diary of Sir Lewis Leigh Fermor's (1880-1954) first seasons in India, 1902-1904.

  British Association

The Society's Portrait and Bust Collection

Introduction to the portraits and busts which can be found around the Geological Society's apartments.



QUICK HIGHLIGHTS - shorter pieces highlighting items from our collections

Elementary geology
'Geologische Elementarkarte' (1836)
  Agassiz thumb
Louis Agassiz's fossil fish
  Creation thumb
'Conversations with Little Geologists...' (1878)
Trig thumb'Beschreibung des kolossalen Ichthyosaurus trigonodon...' (1854)
'Lithographiae Wirceburgensis' (1726)