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Mary Anning and the Geological Society

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One of the most popular and important figures in the history of geology is the fossil collector and dealer Mary Anning (1799-1847). Her extraordinary discoveries, mainly found within a relatively small geographical area, were paramount to our understanding (and reconstruction) of life 200 million years ago. 

Due to her gender, Anning was never a member of the Geological Society, however this exhibition uncovers her presence and influence in our collections through her direct and indirect relationships with our Fellows.

Note on terminology: 'Member of the Geological Society' (MGS) was in use until 1825 when the Society was awarded its Royal Charter. Thereafter a Member became a 'Fellow of the Geological Society' (FGS).

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Early years and first discoveries, 1799-1819 

  Reconstruction of life, 1819-1824   Geologising with Mary Anning, 1825-1829   Pterosaurs, coprolites and sepia, 1824-1829
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Fish with curling iron eyes, 1830   Lady like find, 1831   Sea dragons, 1832-1834   Later years and Friendships

Acknowledgements and bibliography

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EARLY YEARS (1799-1810)

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EARLY YEARS (1799-1810)