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Mentors are a most important aspect of the accreditation of Schemes and the Society will rely heavily on their professional judgement regarding attainment of skills and competencies. 

The Professional Interview will focus more on the competencies and judgement skills of the candidate. Generally, Mentors are to be Chartered Fellows of the Society and their names registered with the Society against each Scheme. 

The Society will invite all Mentors to join the Society’s panel of Scrutineers. In exceptional circumstances it may not be possible to identify a Mentor who is a Chartered Fellow, in which case alternative arrangements must be agreed with the Chartership Officer.

There will be a meeting each year in Burlington House to which all Mentors will be invited to share experiences and advise on possible changes for improvement of the Accreditation Scheme process.

Annual Review

Each year the Society will require companies to supply a short report on each Accredited Scheme. 

The review will include details of any changes that have been made to the training scheme, a list of trainees and the levels they have achieved, and when they might be eligible to apply for Chartership.


A fee of £900 will be charged to cover processing the Application and the first year’s accreditation. 

Subsequently fees will be £100 per annum. A reduced rate may be negotiated for very small organisations. Accreditation will be for 5 years in the first instance.


For more information on how to apply, please contact:

Donna Prisley