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In detail, the content of a Scheme is to be agreed with the Geological Society of London’s Professional Committee and will be administered within companies by Mentors involved in the chartership process. 

Those Schemes presently Endorsed by the Society will readily be eligible for Accreditation.

All Accredited schemes will have the following requirements:

  • All trainees will already be or will become Fellows of the Society.

  • The company will appoint a Training Officer to run the scheme.

  • Each trainee will be assigned a Mentor who is Chartered, to guide them in planning how they will achieve the scheme’s objectives.

  • The trainee will keep a training record that is reviewed with the Mentor on a quarterly basis. This record will be important for the trainee should they move between Companies and also for later demonstration of skills and experience in their Chartership application.

  • The trainees will prepare, in discussion with the Mentor, an annual CPD plan outlining objectives to be achieved. Action on the plan will be recorded using the GSL on-line system. Each year the trainee will discuss CPD achievements with the Mentor, reflect on this and propose a plan with objectives for the following year.

  • The trainee will prepare a written report of their achievements over the year, in terms of development and learning, and have this agreed and signed off by the Mentor. In particular, the report should emphasise objectives achieved, skills learned, experience gained and responsibilities undertaken.

  • At the end of 3 year a major review of attainments will be undertaken to assess the progress made by the trainee relevant to the core competencies required for Chartership.
    At this stage plans will be made to ensure that weaknesses or omissions are addressed, that the skills learned are practiced and experience is broadened.