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Information for Applicants

With the current difficulties of holding face-to-face meetings for Chartership, we are currently conducting Chartership interviews via video conferencing (Zoom or Microsoft Teams). Fellows wishing to apply for Chartership should continue to do so as normal, using electronic file transfer (WeTransfer).

Please contact if you have any questions.

To apply to become a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist you must be a Fellow of the Society and hold appropriate educational qualifications. 

For each title you must demonstrate how you meet the respective Chartership competency criteria.

The validation process consists of three parts:

1. Application Documents (AD 1-4) and Supporting Documents (SD1-6)

Your written application comprises five components:

  1. The Application Form (AD1), which will summarise your education and career to date;
  2. Your Professional Report (AD2);
  3. An Overview of the competency criteria (AD3);
  4. Your Continuing Professional Development records (AD4); and
  5. Up to six Supporting Documents (SD1-6) which you have selected to demonstrate your competencies.
You can find the Application Documents, AD1-4 in Step 5 of the step-by-step application guide.

2. Sponsors’ Statements (AD5)

You will need two professionally qualified Sponsors (CGeol or CSci, as appropriate) who will each provide a written statement in support of your application. 

Their statements will indicate that in their professional opinion you are ready for Chartership.

3. Validation Interview

The next step of the application process is the validation interview. 

The interview will be with two Scrutineers who have knowledge and experience of the area of geoscience/science in which you practice. Following the interview they will make a recommendation to the Chartership Committee as to whether or not you have successfully demonstrated your competencies against the Chartership criteria. 

The Scrutineers’ recommendation will be based on their assessment of your Application Documents, Supporting Documents, Sponsors’ Statements and the interview.

See the information box for details on upcoming interview dates.

The whole process should take less than four months from the submission deadline.

To find out more or to begin the application process read through the step-by-step Chartership guide.


There is a one-off admission fee to be paid when you submit your application form. 

Once you become Chartered there is a Chartership supplement (ie. Registration fee) as part of your annual Fellowship fees. 

Current Fellowship fees

Chartership Training Scheme

Download and complete the Annual Training Record for the Chartership Training Scheme.