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Step-by-step guide to your Chartership application

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Step 10: What happens next?

Following the interview the Scrutineers are required to complete a post-interview report. 

The report provides comments on your performance with respect to each of the 7 Chartership competency criteria.

For details of the criteria see the Overview of Competencies document in step five

Chartership is a ‘bar’ that has to be crossed and the Scrutineers are charged to decide if you have crossed it and also to provide you with advice based on their experience. 

The recommendation

The report will have one of three recommendations: Accept, Defer or (exceptionally) Accept subject to further information


If your application is recommended for acceptance you will be elected to CGeol or CSci at the next Council meeting. You will be informed of this through a letter from the Society’s President immediately following the meeting.

You will also receive a note from the Chartership Officer which may contain comments and advice from the Scrutineers to help with your continued development.


If the recommendation is to defer your application you will be informed of this, following the Council meeting. 

Your application and the Scrutineers' reports will be sent to two other Scrutineers for review. 

Once the review is completed you will receive a letter from the Chairman of the Chartership Committee with the final decision. 

The decision letter will contain an explanation of the Scrutineers’ reasons for their recommendation and advice on how you might take things forward to a further application. 

It is very important that deferred applicants discuss with their Sponsors/Mentors the advice provided by the Scrutineers in order to maximise their chances of success in a further application.

Accept subject to

The 'Accept subject to' recommendation is made if the Scrutineers believe your application is missing some information that you already have and which would justify your acceptance. You will be informed of what is required and will need to produce the information within a short period of time (up to 4 weeks). 

Please note that this may delay your election date.

In all instances the Chartership Officer will be happy to discuss your application and the advice provided by the Scrutineers.

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If you have a question about applying for validation as a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist, please send us an email.