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Step-by-step guide to your Chartership application

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Step 4: Which area of geoscience/science?

The Fellowship of the Society cover a very ‘broad strata’ of geoscience/science straddling a wide range of industries and employments including: 

  • Resource Prospecting and Extraction (minerals and hydrocarbons)
  • Ground Engineering
  • Environment and Waste
  • Contaminated Land
  • Natural Hazards
  • Geophysics
  • Hydrogeology
  • IT and Data Management
  • Academic Research and Teaching 
  • and many others.

An essential part of the Chartership application is for you to describe the general area of geosciences/science for which you are claiming competency. This area is then assessed against the required criteria (i, ii and vii for CGeol or A and D for CSci). 

Please note: You are applying to become Chartered as a Geologist or Scientist (or both) for the area in which you practice and are competent and not geoscience or science as a whole. Should you start working outside your area of competence you will need to be supervised by a competent person or gain competency in that area through additional training.

The general professional competencies are equally important and must be addressed in the application; 

  • criteria iii, iv, v and vi for CGeol
    • iii: Communication
    • iv: Health and Safety
    • v: Professionalism and Professional Ethics
    • vi: Maintenance of Competence through CPD
  • and criteria B, C, D and E for CSci, 

These will mainly be discussed and assessed in the interview.

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If you have a question about applying for validation as a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist, please send us an email.