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Step-by-step guide to your Chartership application

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Step 8: Prepare for your interview

Once your application has been accepted, two Scrutineers will be appointed to assess your application and conduct your validation interview. 

You will be told who they are and their affiliations prior to the interview. If you think there might be a conflict of interest contact the Chartership Officer promptly. The Chartership Officer will ensure that the conflict is resolved either by changing the interviewer(s) or through discussion.

What the Scrutineers do

The Scrutineers will determine if you have the necessary geoscience/science knowledge and competencies for the area in which you work. They will look to see that you have demonstrated the use of these competencies in the design and execution of projects, including the collection of data and their use in the development of predictive models and problem solving.

Prior to the interview the Scrutineers will assess your documentation. If they determine that it lacks sufficient evidence of your competencies, they will postpone the interview and send your application back for strengthening. 

For this reason please do not book your travel arrangements or time off until your interview is confirmed. 

If you application is sent back, this will inevitably delay your assessment and subsequent Chartership election but it is done to ensure that your best case for Chartership is made.


Scrutineers may request that you bring to the interview a hard copy of any of your documents for proof or discussion.

For each document submitted be sure: 

  • You have fully up to date knowledge of the information and are conversant in it. 
  • You can clearly state your role in the document production
  • You do not rely only on your memory of previous work

A short presentation

Prepare a short presentation (typically 15 minutes) in which you showcase a project (or projects) or a piece of your work that demonstrates your fulfilment of the Chartership criteria. 

  • Do not go through information that the Scrutineers will have already read - such as your career step by step, or the overview of the criteria. 
  • Do focus your presentation on your best work as this will lead to a discussion around areas you are familiar. 
  • Do practice your presentation beforehand with your colleagues and get their opinions on how it might be improved. 
The presentation will normally be done using a laptop screen. If for some reason you wish to use a data projector you will have to provide this.

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If you have a question about applying for validation as a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist, please send us an email.