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Step-by-step guide to your Chartership application

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Step 9: Your interview

Approach the interview with a positive state of mind. 

Remember you already have two Sponsors who believe you are ready for Chartership and the Scrutineers have agreed that your your application is worthy of interview - following a pre-interview assessment.

The interview should be a pleasant and positive experience although you should be prepared for searching questions. Remember that the Scrutineers are looking to determine what you know and how you are using your geoscience/science knowledge in your work. They are not specifically looking for what you don’t know. 

Be confident and show your enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of any work that you describe.

The interview format

The interview is scheduled for a maximum of two hours, starting with a short (15 minute) presentation. The presentation provides you with an opportunity to showcase your geological or scientific competencies through an explanation of a particular piece or pieces of work. 

It also demonstrates your oral communication skills and serves to give the interview an initial focus. The presentation may, however, be extended through discussions with, and questions from, the Scrutineers. 

The format will be agreed at the start of the interview.

In all instances remember that you are applying for CGeol or CSci. Focus on demonstrating your geoscientific or scientific competencies rather than your competency to do your job, which might involve other things.

What happens next?

Following the interview, your Scrutineers will prepare a report with a recommendation for the Chartership Committee. Applicants gaining a positive (Accept) recommendations will have their names sent to Council for election to Chartership.

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