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Become a Chartership Assessor

Extend your professional profile and career development, network with like-minded individuals, and support the future of the geoscience community

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Chartership Assessors

Our experienced Chartered Fellows, who uphold professional standards across a broad spectrum of Earth science disciplines, support the Society’s Chartership process as volunteers, assessing and advising Chartership applicants.

We are always looking for new Assessors to join our panel, and also invite Assessors from overseas to ensure we find appropriate matches for our different applicants. Our interviews are mostly carried out online, and are now worldwide.

There are many areas of geoscience that would benefit from more Assessors such as renewable energy and the energy transition, mining, and academia. Earth science is becoming increasingly regulated as a profession so if you are working within these industries, we would especially welcome you to the panel.

By volunteering with the Geological Society, I have been able to raise my professional profile and contribute to a range of important initiatives to support the geosciences in the UK and further afield”

Jessica T Smith BSc (Hons) MSc DIC CGeol FGS

Associate Engineering Geologist, Atkins


By becoming a Chartership Assessor, you are taking another step in your own professional journey. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Give back to the Earth sciences community;
  • Demonstrate your seniority;
  • Contribute to your CPD record to maintain Chartered status by reviewing applications;
  • Expand your knowledge of the innovative work emerging throughout the sector;
  • Gain valuable interview experience; and
  • Enjoy networking opportunities with other experienced professionals.

Chartered Fellows with over five years’ experience post-Chartership, or with a considerable number of years’ experience pre Chartership, are encouraged to apply to join the panel.

To apply, you must be a current Society Fellow and have held CGeol or CSci status for at least 5 years (but fewer for those very experienced prior to gaining Chartership).

Training is provided, including regular workshops with other Assessors. Details are available from the Chartership Officer.

Apply using the online application form below. You will need to include a short CV and your latest 3-year CPD record.

Chartership application deadlines are four times a year and the Chartership Officer assigns the Assessors in pairs to each candidate. Assessors review the application documents and make their decision to proceed to interview stage.

The validation interviews are generally carried out online, and the Assessors pass their recommendation to the Professional and Chartership Committee via the Chartership Officer.

If you have any questions please contact the Chartership Officer

Guidance documents about being a Chartership Assessor are below.

We hold Chartership Assessor Training events in which we provide updates and guidance to Assessors on the application review process, and give the opportunity for Assessors to convene and share their experiences in carrying out reviews

Our next in-person Chartership Assessor Training event will take place on 9 July 2024. Find out more here.

Have any questions about being an Assessor? Send us an email at

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