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Chartership testimonials

What people say about Chartership at the Geological Society 

Chartership encouraged me to document my growth through the CPD scheme, which was critical when demonstrating my ability to potential employers. The Chartership process also pushed me to network and find mentors, who acted as sponsors for my application. Their guidance has helped me as a junior geologist and many have become lifelong friends. I would encourage early career professionals to invest in their development and start thinking about Chartership early on, become a Fellow, record your CPD and build your network. 

I believe that chartership is an important milestone in any geoscience professional's career. It is not only a demonstration of technical competence but provides a framework for developing within your chosen specialism. The Geological Society provides a supportive and concise pathway for when you are ready.

Chris Lambert CGeol FGS ACSM 

Senior Exploration Geologist, CGG Services (UK) Ltd

Becoming Chartered gave me a huge confidence boost. It allows other engineers that don’t know me personally to immediately appreciate my level of experience without reading a CV. My employer is also happy as many tenders require a Chartered engineer to be part of the team, so we will now be able to tender for more complex projects that require my skill set and hopefully increase my involvement in those types of projects.

Carl Hamer CGeol
Kiloh Associates

Chartership gives you international recognition of your geology knowledge and code of conduct and, as more geologists become Chartered, this will raise the bar for excellence in the industry. The current Chartership process feels modern, clear and accessible; and the guidance provided is concise, with helpful direction for each specific expertise. Now that I am Chartered, I am looking forward to mentoring early career geologists and continually building on my career with a variety of projects and geological challenges.

Gabriella Manning
Senior Engineering Geologist, AtkinsRealis

Chartership serves as a signal within your career to demonstrate another ‘step up’, as you have been scrutinised by others within the industry who have agreed you meet a standard with regards the work you are delivering.  It also serves as a good marker for clients of our overall competence – keeping on top of the changes within the industry throughout our careers is critical to deliver our work in a professional manner.

Ewan Parsons CGeol
Principal Hydrogeologist

Become Chartered

The Geological Society of London is the recognised UK professional body for geoscientists across all areas of expertise. It awards the professional title of Chartered Geologist (CGeol) and is licensed by the Science Council to award the title of Chartered Scientist (CSci). Both titles are of equal standing.

Accreditation as a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist is a sign to clients, regulators, employers and the general public that you are a competent professional who can demonstrate a high level of knowledge, skills and experience, and signifies a public commitment to these professional standards.

There are so many good reasons to become Chartered

      • Be publicly recognized for your professional excellence
      • Improve your career prospects and employability
      • Greater influence within your own organisation and industry
      • International recognition of competence and commitment
      • Demonstrate your ethical credentials, and personal and professional integrity
      • Show your commitment to improving your transferable skills and developing your career

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The Chartership Journey

Want to understand more about the Chartership application process at a glance? Watch the below video to follow the pathway to Chartership

To apply to become a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist you must first be a Fellow of the Society.

You will need to demonstrate how you meet the respective Chartership competency criteria for each title. The validation process consists of your application, which is reviewed by Chartership assessors and is followed by a validation interview. The whole process should take less than four months from the submission deadline.

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