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Information for Scrutineers

Boost your professional profile and support the future of Earth science 

Scrutineers are Chartered Geologists and Chartered Scientists who have experience in assessing competencies and who are willing and able to interview and provide advice for Chartership applicants. 

“By volunteering with the Geological Society, I have been able to raise my professional profile and contribute to a range of important initiatives to support the geosciences in the UK and further afield” ~ Jessica T Smith BSc (Hons) MSc DIC CGeol FGS, Associate Engineering Geologist, Atkins

The Society holds this work in high esteem and is grateful to the Scrutineers for their efforts in helping applicants on their quest for Chartership. The Society also gratefully recognises the contribution made by the employers of the Scrutineers who, by readily allowing them time off, enable us to provide this service to the Fellowship.

​Become a Scrutineer

Chartered Fellows with over 5 years’ experience post-Chartership, or with a considerable number of years’ experience pre-Chartership, are encouraged to apply to join the panel.

We are always looking for new Scrutineers to join our panel, and also invite Scrutineers from overseas to ensure we find appropriate matches for our different Applicants. There are many areas of geoscience that would benefit from more Scrutineers such as renewable, mining, petroleum and academia industries. Earth science is becoming increasingly regulated as a profession so if you are working within these industries we would especially welcome you to the panel.

Scrutineer volunteer job description

The Scrutineers review the applications assigned to them and conduct the Validation Interview. They then pass their recommendation to the Professional and Chartership Committee via the Chartership Officer. We try to provide interviews in various venues throughout the UK (and in a number of places overseas) as well as via video conference call.  

A job description and an application form are available to download on this page. An outline of the Scrutineering Process is also provided, and links to the Society's relevant regulations are also shown.

We also encourage Scrutineers to review all the forms and guidance provided to Applicants and the Sponsors.


Information for Applicants

Begin your journey towards accreditation as a Chartered Geologist (CGeol) or Chartered Scientist (CSci).


Information for Supporters

Applications for Chartership need to be supported by ONE professionally qualified Supporter, who has first-hand knowledge of the applicants work and professional standing.