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SiLC Register Land Condition Skills Development Framework Tool

The Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) Register is an accreditation scheme for experienced practitioners working in land condition for example the regeneration and development of contaminated land and it is supported by a diverse range of professional bodies and organisations including the Geological Society.

The SiLC Register Land Condition Skills Development Framework Tool

The Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) Register has developed the Land Condition Skills Development Framework (LCSDF) Tool to assist individuals and organisations to record and monitor capabilities which can be used as part of a performance review and/or appraisal processes and to drive the performance of individuals. The LCSDF can be downloaded from the Skill framework page from the Downloads menu on the SiLC website.

The Land Condition Skills Development Framework (LCSDF) is intended to define the capabilities pertinent to those operating within the brownfield, reclamation and regeneration industry. Capabilities are high level descriptions of key behaviours, skills and knowledge that underpin effective performance. These define what effective performers actually understand, apply or demonstrate in most situations, most of the time, to achieve the best results.

The capabilities within the framework are pertinent to all those working in the industry, encompassing private and public sector. This framework will promote development of capability within industry by engaging individuals and organisations in proactive and progressive skills development.

About the Framework Tool

SiLC Development Framework ToolThe LCSDF Tool has been developed in Excel format. Details for each employee are entered on the LCSDF Tool by using a series of drop-down menus together with examples of work. A summary sheet presents the Levels compiling the information for each employee and there is a link to an individual chart for each employee providing a graphical representation of the Levels for each capability together with summary charts for all the employees where data are added.

The LCSDF Tool can be used as part of an annual review process or updated periodically by an individual to measure their progress.

The LCSDF supported with the LCSDF Tool have been developed to assist practitioners in their career path in the brownfield sector and to encourage individuals to pursue professional qualifications (e.g. Chartership) including progression to become a Registered SiLC.

The LCSDF Tool is issued as a working version and any feedback on the LCSDF Tool should be sent to